Sunday, January 18, 2009

Julie (12/100) - Caught in the act

This is Charlotte. She lives up the road from uni - the gesture indicated Newtown - and this morning she just had to come to campus to take photos of this glorious Red Flowering Gum because the blooms do not last long. She had two young, exasperated, children in tow who understood the irony of their mother being photographed taking a photograph.

I chose this image because you can tell a lot about her by her fingers, fingernails and ring - salt of the earth, no pretensions, dinky-di.

The choices not taken:


bitingmidge said...

I really like this as a photograph, but I think it pushes the "portrait" boundaries a teensy bit too far!

I reckon the idea is brill, but to get away with it, you'd need to place more emphasis on the hands and the bits that tell the story.

Now I'm off to find me a pair of hands as well!

Perhaps I should wait till I can find a body consistently though.... aaargh!

Ann said...

I've been waiting to see this photo. Its worth the wait. McAfee wouldn't let me see it, it does that with some photos - very annoying.

I also like the third shot.