Friday, January 23, 2009

Julie (17/100) - Doing coffee

Which one would you chose - and why?

This is Bill. Bill said he would be flattered if I took his photograph and that he was not in the least self-conscious and just sipped and chatted as I moved around him. He has two hats: another one is his best felt hat which he does not often walk around Redfern in. But I have seen him in his best hat, along up there in the crowd ahead of me.

I was excited taking these and the clarity is all over the shop. He is such a wonderful subject. He had a direct gaze and open smile. But how to show him to best effect. I would hate to go to B&W and lose all those breaking veins. But the moulding in his neck is a photographer's dream.


bitingmidge said...

I can sense your excitement/nervousness! Perhaps we have to take a lesson from the rifle shooters or something!

I don't mind the one you've chosen, but it would be my fallback shot. The fourth one is much more expressive. "Is that a Ptyerigium in your eye or are you just happy to see me?"

In that shot, Bill is a million miles away, there's something quite melancholy in it I think.

Ann said...

I don't mind the one you've chosen but I think I would have gone with the one with the coffee cup and him staring off into the distance, a million miles away. Can't really say why, I think its something to do with the colour of the coffee cup. I find it hard sometimes to define just why I like a particular shot.

I'm out of shots. Tried this morning while I was on the way back from the doctors but it was hot, I was lugging groceries, and while he was very obliging, he was also very busy and they are all either blurred or he's looking straight down. Am inclined to bin them all.

Julie said...

As you so supportively said, "no pressure" but ... why not try one of those where he is looking straight down. My chap here in the hat is sorta doing this. I have one that a friend took of me in the TGV last year as I was reading my camera manual. It is hard to tell if I am reading or sleeping - no dribble therefore I must be reading!! Anyway, I quite like the shot of me reading - see an aspect of myself that I am unaware of.

Consider posting it and letting us discuss the elements of an acceptable portrait ... mmm ... ?

Ann said...

Okay. Its another number off the list.

Joan Elizabeth said...

For me definitely the one with him drinking from the coffee cup.