Friday, January 9, 2009

The one that got away

Had a wonderful chat with Bob this morning: he did NOT want his photo taken.

He was resting against a brick wall on his walk from Waterloo to RPA to see his doctor about the shunt they put in his collapsing spine two weeks ago. He showed me the scars on both knees and told me that he had also had one of his hips replaced. He turns 70 in two months. He shaves his head to save money and both arms were covered with tatts.

He was an alcoholic from 17 to 47 and has not touched a drop for the last 23 years after he realised that this lifestyle was of HIS choosing. He blames it on no-one - not even himself. Not even on the Catholic religion that was pushed down his throat as a child.

But he did not want his photo taken.
Golly I am chatting with some fascinating people.


bitingmidge said...

I know what you mean, in the last two days I've learned about how fluoride is going to kill me, that tongue piercing really hurts, and how bees can kill/

Note to file: Carry camera at all times.


Ann said...

That's what pocket/handbag p&s's are for.