Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peter 005 - Rob

I was driving past the bowls club this afternoon and I saw Rob playing by himself, so I just had to stop. He said it was because it's the only way he could win, but I suspect there may be more than the odd trophy in the Pool Room cabinet at his house.

He was kind enough to ignore me while I flashed away. He would "switch off" between sentences and disappear into a zone of concentration while he got on with his job. He proceeded to bowl a couple of perfect bowls to show me that I hadn't put him off his game.

Here are the reject shots. I tried another series from the other side, with the clubhouse in the background, but they were a real mess.


Julie said...

I like the idea of reject shots and explaining what you were trying to achieve and why it did not work the way you wanted. I love this sort of Australian humour!

The concentration really shows on his face, Peter. One of the benefits from taking a portrait up very very close is that there is no background to get in the way of the portrait. But you do lose context. The context here though, Peter, is not just in the uniform that Rob has on, but also in his stance and the concentration in every facial muscle.

Good one ...

bitingmidge said...

I wondered why this post turned up at 6:00 am when I had it set for 7:00.

Ahh! Daylight saving! I hope the pictures don't fade with all the extra sunlight.

What do you all think about upping the size of the photos in the post to s640?


bitingmidge said...

We mentioned using the rejects in conversation, I won't do it all the time, but for this one and tomorrow's I think it's clear. The third (right hand) shot would have been my pic if it hadn't been for the messy background.

Julie said...

So you have increased the size of Rob, yes. It does look spectacular like this.

Ann said...

I like your middle reject shot, but I guess its much more my style. I've got to try and get comfortable with close up. I find close up easier with the SLR as the zoom is much easier to use.