Thursday, January 15, 2009

Peter 006 - Hilton

I found Hilton sitting in his car waiting for his wife to return from the shops. Black car, hot day and a lovely chat in the shade of a tree. I didn't ask him to remove his shades although I'm sure he would have, because it all so matched his car. Besides, he's got wrinkles from smiling and even his sunnies can't hide his true demeanour.

Here are the rejects. His car was one of those "black and bad" sporty models, and I thought I could do something with that, but as I chatted to him, the person became more important than the scene. I think there's (barely) enough of the car to give it context, the only alternative was to try to pose him beside a wheel or whatever but then he wouldn't have been Hilton waiting in his car for his wife, with his seatbelt on for a fast getaway!


Julie said...

This shows a wonderful Australian character, Peter. The framing is just right in my opinion. I am trying to get away from the full-frontal shot as it does not reveal enough about the person.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Julie, I'm happy with this one because it reflects all I ever saw of him as well, yet there's a certain congeniality that shows.

Ann said...

Sometimes the setting ads nothing to the shot. This is all about his character which really comes through.