Friday, January 16, 2009

Peter 007 - Leigh

Leigh and his family were on holiday and enjoying a late evening game of beach cricket.

Technically it's a shocker, I really wanted the batsman/girl to be much more out of focus, but that would have meant getting intimidatingly close to her and I didn't want to put her off her game. This ball went for six!

I'm not sure whether this is a portrait or not, but I'm counting it.


Julie said...

I would count it: you asked permission and you had a chat. It counts!

I can see what they mean when they say a cricketer could see the ball like a football! I like the shot but I would have wanted Leigh to be less of a silhouette. What could one do to adjust that?

You live in a lovely area, Peter.

bitingmidge said...

We do live in a lovely area, although strangely beige in terms of portrait subjects! Almost no non-Caucasian, non middle income, non middle anything to be found!

I'm not at all ungrateful, but I do miss lots about cities too!

As for the exposure, well there's just no substitute for getting it right in the first place. It would have been smart to have waited half an hour till the lighting was much more even, as here the sun was still quite visible, you can see some of the people in the background are in sunlight. That means I was in deep shade, so in an ideal world I could have fired off a big flash, and underexposed the foreground and the background.

I don't know if it would have worked. Or I could have completely underexposed the background, which in the context of a portrait would probably have been fine. I just got it wrong!

Julie said...

Okay ... could follow all that. On this work screen, I can see Leigh's features better than I can at home. This is a good portrait because it puts him so in context,

Ann said...

Its my kind of portrait, it puts him in context. As for the technical stuff, I've only just found the flash on the p&s, so its way above my head. I concentrate on composition and hope for the best.

Julie said...

What I really like about all three posts today is that each of us has tried something different: each of us has gotten out of our comfort zone!