Sunday, January 11, 2009

Peter 002 - Marsupials at the Markets

Ray makes all manner of marsupial souvenirs using kangaroo fur from his home in Gympie. They are just like the ones that were around when we were kids. He'd made his living making them for years, then retired before realising that he had left a big gap in the market for kangaroo furred koalas and besides "you have to do something when you are retired", so he started again.

After a lovely chat, a quick fumble with the shutter button, with sweaty palms and not a thought about composition, the camera mode set to "P", at least I remembered the fill flash.

How many more to go?

Eumundi Markets


Julie said...

What do the "tips" say: for the first 20 just get the photo?

You dun good, kid!

bitingmidge said...

I've got six shots "in the can" and have decided that I'm going to add another dimension. None of them are going to be in "portrait" orientation.

The new crop seems to work better on this one anyway!

Julie said...

Ah, now that is raising the ante.

I can see what you mean. You had me thinking today with your shot of Matt. And I related it to the Partial/Whole Challenge I had just completed. Showing just part of something is more interesting and then you are able to give it some sort of context.

Having just responded to Letitia (Ararat DP), I am thinking that tomorrow I will try to take more than one shot. I will consider the orientation PLUS I will consider the partial/whole.

Golly ... progress.