Monday, February 2, 2009

Peter 024 - Tom

It was Tom's first day as a market entrepreneur selling sunglasses at his table between the plant guy and the home baked cookies lady. He'd sold two pairs in a couple of hours, and didn't know whether to be discouraged or not.

I loved the colour of his shirt and the ute parked beside him and the back of his chair, and I thought I was all calm and composed until I got home and discovered that the top of his head blended exactly with the dark window in the ute canopy in the background.

One very small crop later, I'm still happy.

Not noticable to anyone else, but quite satisfying to me, is that I managed to get his whole table reflected in his glasses! (sorry, I couldn't avoid the self portrait.)


Exposure Time : 1/500
F Number : 5.3
Exposure Program : Aperture-priority AE
ISO : 200
Metering Mode : Multi-segment
Flash : No Flash
Focal Length : 75.0mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format : 112


Joan Elizabeth said...

I good looking character beautifully composed. The colours say so much in this shot.

bitingmidge said...

Of no relevance to this post, but I think an interesting portrait, here's a photo of my son in law, taken by my daughter at the British Museum over the weekend.

I'm impressed! Not many of these sorts of tricks come off the way this one has!

Julian BC

Ann said...

No need for the close up. You can see the table and the photographer quite clearly in the main image. Love the colours.

That British Museum shot is amazing. I think if you went out intending to do that your'd have buckleys.