Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ann 23/100 - Isobel and Tanya

This one didn't work at all but they kindly let me take their photo so I feel I should use it. First time I'd tried one indoors in such bad light. May not try it again. I think these Opera House coat check girls are Isobel and Tanya but I’m not sure because my notebook was in my pack which I’d just put in the cloak room and my memory is nonexistent these days.


bitingmidge said...

it's a shame about the flash reflections, I like the photo! This sort of shot is where the onboard flash is at its very worst.

If my diffuser gadget works, I'll give you a hoy and you can try it again!

I think it's great that you continue to post pics that you don't think turned out. I too have resolved not to throw out a portrait. I think it will be a great thing to be able to look back at the learning experience.

We wouldn't remember otherwise!

Ann said...

Its a learning process. I can usually figure out what's wrong with a shot but often I don't know what I should be doing to correct it.

Julie said...

Sorry to take so long to comment, guys - this is grant writing season and the academics always try to write a submission with two days to spare!!

This is the hassle I have Ann: if I don't like the image how on earth do I go about rectifying it!

If I calm down and take my time, I can get the people and the context ... well I am getting there. But my images are not sharp. The more I crop them the crappier they appear.

Over the weekend I discovered that I have RAW on this camera but that Windows Vista and RAW do not get along. So I have tried to download a new driver from Canon but I dont have the headspace for all that at the moment.

Arrrgggghhhhh ... !!!

Julie said...

Shit .. forgot to say what I like about this photo.

The way the two lasses are standing is very pleasing to the eye. Forget the darkness and the shiny faces: the angle of each head and shoulder pairing is quite pleasing.

Dont you hate how the OH makes you check everything. And dont you hate how the gals who work there are all young, and bloody tall!!

Ann said...

These days, Julie, everyone is young, and compared to me everyone has always been tall.

I have RAW on the SLR but they will take up too much room on the card - and I really don't want to have to post process everything. If I can get to a high quality JPG that I am happy with or that only requires minimal tinkering I will be satisfied. My gear is aimed at travel - I camera body, 1 multi purpose lens, all in a snoot bag, spare cards and batteries, charger - that's about it. No laptop, external hard drive etc, etc. I guess if I go away again for months on end I'll need to look at an external hard drive but not yet. Its bad enough carrying an SLR around without having more stuff that people can nick.