Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ann 25/100 - Norma

Back to the p&s and wasn't it frustrating, this is the only one in focus, but if I don't do it I'll lose confidence. Sepia because I wanted to take the emphasis off the bright orange apron behind her head and because I think it suits the subject matter better than b&w. Norma volunteers at Sydney Hospital's Little Shop, a treasure trove of all those things your grandma used to make.


Julie said...

Yes, agree on both counts: gets rid of distractions and suits the context. Also suits a woman who wears pearls.

bitingmidge said...

You see, I wouldn't have noticed the pearls!

I wouldn't like you to lose confidence Ann, you seem to get it right more often than not! I like this one too, and I like the monochrome. You seem to have the happy knack of picking the right shot for that treatment.

I seem to still over awed by the fact that I have colour fillum in my camera!

Ann said...

I didn't notice the pearls! Some shots just lend themselves to b&w, they have a strength or simplicity about them. Either that or they are so bad that you'll try anything to see if it helps, which was the case with this one.