Monday, February 16, 2009

Ann 36/100 - Sonia

Sonia is the receptionist at the specialists' rooms. I like the naturalness of the image but cropped heavily to get rid of all the extraneous stuff. Not sure whether I prefer colour or b&w, what do you think?


Julie said...

You go girl! You are the only one of us with photos queued! I saw three possibles on the way through campus this morning so will try to grab one by close of day.

Now to your photo ... I prefer the cropping to be not so close. As I tried to explain last night, I would leave more space in the direction in which she is looking to give more context to the image and to force ME to look in that direction too. I also in this case, would leave more of the RHS in because the close crop to me seems to draw attention to the envelopes in the trays.

As for B&W, nope. I like the colour of her skin and the image is pretty much black and tones anyway.

I like the pensive pose ... my guess is she is waiting for the bloody printer to do its thing!

bitingmidge said...

I love the pose and the coloured version. The colour may be suffering a little from too much fluorescent light perhaps, but the tones are lovely.

The crop? I'm not sure. it all gets so subjective. I think I'd have taken a little out of the top of her head to balance up the chopped off elbow, and perhaps moved her to the right of frame a bit more, giving more emphasis to what she's looking at even though it's off screen. But that's what I would have done, and we aren't trying to become clones of each other in this exercise are we?

I'm off this morning to have a wisdom tooth extracted, so don't expect to contribute much before tomorrow!

Julie said...

See ... I did not even notice the cropped elbow! And I would not have dreamed of cropping someone's head ... until now.

No, I agree, that we are not trying to become clones of each other in this project ... but what I am hoping is to have my eyes opened to the way other people think about images by asking them to tell me why they did such'n'such ...

I had all my wisdom extracted in 1974 ...

Ann said...

I'll go back and put the original up. I'm not happy with any of these. I'd be interested to see how you would crop.

Re the queue - its almost out and I haven't taken any more, that's no shots for well over a week now, hope my confidence is still there.