Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ann 43/100 - Mary

Alan insisted I also photograph Mary but as soon as I tried to she got extremely busy. This is the only one with any sort of focus and its atrocious. Can't even think of how I could start to work on it to improve it (apart from a bit of a crop but its really not worth it).


I have used a photoshop filter "Accent Edges". I wouldn't do this unless I had a context for it (or a shot I badly needed to rescue I suppose! Some people take this level of adjustment terribly seriously, I can't bring myself to do that. I have used similar techniques in a child's book (for my grandson) though. It saved me drawing an awful lot of cows and ducks!

I'm sorry to keep doing this, but I've had hours of fun with PE's filters, and clearly there are many ways of skinning a cat, all of them need a context for the "art" though, now if you were printing a school newspaper:


Julie said...

This all feels as though we are balanced on one of those "learning moments" - where with inner fortitude and perseverance we will make THE breakthrough that we are so keenly striving for! It is like that very much for me.

If I had taken this image, my main aim would be to work out how to focus better indoors using low light and flash - and I think Peter gave some hints for this yesterday. It might help to breakthru if you take a few indoor people until you are happier with the outcome.

I am still trying to focus outdoors!! I think I can do context shots now ... I guess I will have to move indoors at some stage but I am a little behind the two of you just yet.

bitingmidge said...

Sometimes doing something in jest backfires on one. I actually quite like the modified version, perhaps a series of half a dozen would put it in context?

Not for this project for me though.

It looks as though the foreground tricked the camera Ann! Being able to review the photo you've taken is all well and good, but I never have my glasses on to do so anyway. I get similar surprises. It's like getting the fillum back from the Chemist really!

Julie said...

I agree with "the filum back from the chemist" comment. I am often surprised when I review immediately after, and then check on my computer: the disparity is heart-breaking. One of the reasons I always take quite a few shots.

The effect you have created is "interesting" Peter - but of more interest is the crop. The original foreground seems to serve little purpose than to obscure to some extent. You used a similar cropping technique with the tissue box last week.

Ann said...

Can't see a damn thing on the screen, crap eyes and transitions lenses. Its another reason why I prefer the SLR - I have more idea of what I'm taking. I've realised that the p&s won't handle this kind of movement. I was hoping for a horizontal with her to one side and still but customers came in. I hope to try over the next couple of weeks with the SLR, particularly when I'm in Adelaide week after next. I'm doing reasonably well with close ups and half body shots but its the context ones, particularly horizontal and indoor that are a real problem. Not sure I'm ever going to be able to get them on the p&s. I want to be able to get those lovely people at work horizontals that Peter does. May be able to do something at Womadelaide, there's a big market on site.

Ann said...

Ps. The more I look at her face and hair in Peter's reworking, the more I like it.

Julie said...

The sepia newspaper look is a really killer. YOu have won me. I shall download a copy of PE over the weekend. I have downloaded GIMP but it is not the most userfriendly thing to try to learn. So then I will have Photostudio5 from Canon GIMP and PE. I also get this dork continually sending tutorials for PS so I might start to read them, too.