Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Julie (28/100) - In a padded cell

This is Mark, my audiologist, who was struggling with the software required to program two phases in my hearing aides. I feel a little uneasy claiming this as a stranger - but I am not letting it stop me, you note. I met him once before, two weeks ago. I did have to endure the normal asking spiel. However, engrossed as he was with his (ultimately futile) endeavours, he simply let me run with it.

I don't know where to find all the shooting information that Peter is able to post. I had it on P, the ISO was 800 and the AWB was tungsten. I tried one shot on flash - outside the booth - and the result was hideous. So shut that down pronto. No idea what the aperture or the shutter speed was.

Now here are the two that I took yesterday that really annoyed me with myself:


bitingmidge said...

I think Mark is fair game, and it works for me too. I'm just saying that so I can wander down to the park and approach that woman with the dog that I nod to most days!

As to the others, well they are so far from what you normally do I can only assume you've changed medication recently.

Both had promise I think, I even like the thought of the happy family snap. I might come back to you on that!

Ann said...

I don't mind the composition of any of them, though I would say that having taken photos similar to 2 and 3 myself. Its a shame the family one is out of focus. Haven't tried anything like your main shot. I really like it. I'm having real trouble with indoor portraits. I either get flash reflection or they are out of focus - this is with the p&s, I think I could get the focus on the SLR.

Julie said...

Changed medication ... chortle!!

I believe some codger in the 70s called it lateral thinking. I am trying to vary my shots until they ALL become easier for me. Given my druthers, I would take close-ups of ears and backs of necks ... but that will not help me to improve now will it!

As for medication: I am having my eyes tested (again) on Saturday, I get hearing aides next Monday, I am on 10mg of Coversyl daily and take horse pills for cholesterol ... what else should I rattle around with?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like the experimentation. It makes for interesting viewing.