Sunday, February 8, 2009

Julie (32/100) - By the shade of a parasol

Alice was coming down the City Road footbridge when Preeti came out from the Carslaw forecourt and headed up to the CRFB. They were both taken by the conjunction before my very eyes. It was not long after 5pm and the sun was baking. Getting them both in the same shot was always going to be a challenge. At my request, they continued their conversation about the source of Alice's parasol.

I am going to learn how to focus on friends, neighbours and rellies this weekend to try to work out just what it is that I am doing incorrectly.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Looks like you did everything correctly in the top shot. Nice light diffusion, lovely smile.

Julie said...

Not only did she have a ready smile, but she also had an engaging laugh.

The light was a terror: just beating down on us.

Julie said...

My daughter included this link

in something she wrote over the weekend. The portraits are inspiring: especially, for me, William S. Burroughs and Susan Sontag.

Ann said...

Finally I can see this. McAfee stops a lot of photos loading on my home PC for some reason. Beautiful shot and I love the parasol. The shade makes so much difference.