Friday, February 13, 2009

Julie (36/100) - Making ends meet

I think I have chosen the most appropriate photo: the final photo does not show his stand and that is a crucial element of his story; the second photo lacks pizzaz; the photo I have chosen, not only has pizzaz courtesy of Anne Hathaway and the colour, but the contrast between the cover of Big Issue and the life of the sellers of Big Issue is very ironic.

Bill, by the way, has been selling Big Issue for 12 years now and sets up in three locations on campus: at the start of the board-walk coming from Redfern Station; outside Carslaw which is the Science Faculty building; and here, outside the Footbridge coffee shop, which is across Science Road from my office which is in the sandstone building behind the green seat.

And, yes: this photo did cost me five bucks!


bitingmidge said...

Yep, good one!

Ann said...

Definitely the right choice.