Saturday, February 14, 2009

Julie (37/100) - Listening to a point of view

I sat next to this woman at the Fengshui talk Thursday night. She wasn't enthusiastic about me taking her photo but I tried out my new patter on her - "I understand if you would prefer not to, but it would really make my day if you did". She agreed and permitted me to take one. One. That was all I took and I even apologised and warned her the flash was going to explode.

No idea what her name was ... the talk started ... and at the end she scarpered ... as did a few others.


Julie said...

Now I am all out of subjects ... this will be a challenge. It is forecast to rain for a week in Sydney. And when I say rain ... not a drizzle ... this one is coming down from Queensland and will just sit off the coast and dump on us. Not that I am complaining in general: I like to see the parks and streets and gardens refreshed.

Harder to take photos in the rain is all. But this arvo I am off to spend time with friends in Newtown - that is always good for a wander of a weekend.

bitingmidge said...

Ahh, so you've caught up with me in the running out stakes! I'm off to see if I can catch a half drowned surfer or something!

I've been fiddling with your shot, wow that satiny shirt is a challenge!

I think I'll do my flash diffuser post today.

Ann said...

I think this came out well given the conditions. I really have to get back to it, I'll run out by the end of this week. With the rain I'm not going out at lunchtime.

Julie said...

What I try to do is get one portrait per day. Not always successful which is why I am in this quandary. Got one this morning before the heavy rain set in. What I then try to do for the rest of my "photography day" is try out what I am trying to improve on other shots - candid or still life. I want to get more clarity into the images, no matter what the light.