Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Peter 025 - Victor

Victor had "escaped" from the Buderim Gardens Retirement village for a hobble round the markets. I was goaded into approaching him by the lady running the hot dog stand who didn't want to be photographed. He was a patient old codger, all very dapper, with his ID tags round his neck and a silver snuff box that held a couple of raffle tickets and his shopping note.

If I had been as patient as he, I might have waited until the road behind had cleared of people, or found another byway, because below is the shot I had in my head, but without the people! I think I can see a time coming when I will be comfortable enough to do that, which is a far cry from where I could see myself two weeks ago.

Exposure Time : 1/500
F Number : 4.8
Exposure Program : Aperture-priority AE
ISO : 200
Metering Mode : Multi-segment
Flash : No Flash
Focal Length : 48.0mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format : 72


Ann said...

Taking the post out worked really well. Guess I'm just lazy, it seems awfully time consuming. I had a look at the programs I have and I can actually do quite a lot with them, I just haven't tried.

I envy you the characters you are finding. Mine are all city folk.

bitingmidge said...

Now that envy thing is really really funny, I was in Brisbane today and saw all these wonderful city people, of different ethnicity, different "tribal" dress, business people, derelicts, and so on, and I wished I'd taken my camera, and thought how simple it would be if everyone I bumped into wasn't so vanilla!

You've really made me look hard at myself again!


freefalling said...

yeah - I reckon the long shot would have been a bewdie if those other people could fade a bit or disappear.
It's his legs that do it for me - they give a totally different feel - a vulnerable feel.

Julie said...

Yeah, me too Letty - the legs and the way the hand is on the head of the stick. They speak volumes about vulnerability.

In my haste this morning, I did not notice the disappearing light post. It does indeed look so good without it.

When I look at him again, those poor knobbly knees have a fair bit to car around - no wonder he needs that extra leg.

He really oozes character, doesn't he?

As for city and country: we can only work with what we have. I am looking for an actuary: a beige actuary.