Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well I'm Back!

... and it may take me a day or two to catch up on all them photos below!

No the picture above isn't a "portrait", he was a few oyster covered rocks away and I was barefoot so we didn't get to meet despite me stalking him for a bit!

I started our holiday intent on continuing this project uninterrupted, but had an enormous head cold and its attendant fog, so resolved to read for a week instead!

It was interesting to say the least, speaking with people once again, with no ulterior motive, but because the camera was locked away, I didn't get the photo of the kids living in the three man tent with their tele and their bikes because they have no rental history and can't rent anywhere, or their neighbour at the park, in his $800,000 motorhome towing a four wheel drive with a full camping body. Those opportunities will come again, or perhaps they won't, but my photo of Len sitting fishing on his rock, will always remind me of them anyway.

I'm surprised at how relieved I was when I made the decision not to pursue any portraits till I returned home. I couldn't help but find them at every turn, but didn't once feel nervous about asking!

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Julie said...

Yes, I also find them at every turn - but don't always kick myself for not asking. Generally, I am content to wait for just the one I want, so long as I have one in the can for tomorrow.