Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ann 49/100 - David and Robert

Here is where I cheat for a while. Working with the SLR for only the second time on this project (and I'd forgotten where everything was) and using people I know. But I am asking. Couldn't get this one but it was the first one and I was nervous. Am looking for that horizontal format shot. Here's the original if you have a better crop. I like the other one as well but the colour is all wrong.


Because you asked: I am stuck in this "keep the original proportions" rut for this project and the Daily, but it makes one part of the cropping decision easy.

Julie speaking:Here is what I tried to explain earlier today but in pictures not in words.


bitingmidge said...

I think you are standing on the edge of a cliff and all you need is a tiny step forward and you'll be flying!

I like the original horizontal shot, complete with all the clutter. If it hadn't been for that rotten white sign it could have worked beautifully.

Both shots are terrific with just a few seconds of work (and a year of practice!), but they are both great in themselves!

Now I'm off to build some drawers - another no camera day!

Julie said...

I dont have the software to do much here at work, but I would cut out the guy talking to you and just keep the coffee guy. Cut between them and cut up to the white sign. I would cut off the bottom half of the coffee cup and the top bit of the chap's head.

Probably not very horizontal but at least would have the subject up one end which is I think what you are striving for.

How annoying that the older chap is talking straight at you!

Ann said...

I like the way the one of Dave comes up lightened. I'm going to download the trial of PE when I get back and have a play with it. I'm sure I'll end up buying it.