Friday, March 6, 2009

Ann 51/100 - Adrian

Pretty much what I was after. Av priority, lowest F stop, daylight white balance as white fluro wasn't doing what I wanted (presumably because of the light from the window). Sharpened, saturated (I think) and slightly cropped.

I'm off to Adelaide today for a week, back next Thursday and then in the Blue Mountains for the weekend. Will no doubt pop in to a net cafe a couple of times over the next week but won't be commenting every day.


Julie said...

Yep ... taa. Knew I would be talking to myself for ten days! You have got me early with this one as you have assembled my favourite shades.

It looks just about as good as one could get, Ann. You certainly have nailed the horizontal with the person occupying one edge. But I think the really good thing for me to learn here is the lighting.

Will try to get my head around Av/F-stops during the ten days ...

bitingmidge said...

You should be pleased with this one!

It's been noticeable, the coming together of it all I mean, over the past week.

Have a great break!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Good one Ann.

Shaun said...

Nice picture. The lighting is good and "feels right".