Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ann 55/100 - Elsie

Back to strangers. Its certainly easier outside. Tried a few crops but kept coming back to the original. Think all I did was saturate the colour a little. Having trouble focusing exactly where I want. Trying to focus on the face and its ending up on the body.


bitingmidge said...

Fabulous shot Ann! You have certainly been nailing the outdoors shots of late.

Everything about this one, from the view angle to the subject to the people in the background falls perfectly!

Julie said...

Really like this one. The compositiion is so good. The angle looking up ... the blurred b/g sorry DoF ... really really good.

Just wish they would take their bloody sunnies off ...

bitingmidge said...

A week ago I walked for an hour here, and only came across one person with no sunnies on.

We just have to accept that they are as ubiquitous as the thong. ;-)

If we are outside in Australia, we wear sunnies. sigh!