Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ann 56/100 - Robin and Carol

Couldn't get quite what I wanted here. Was trying for them to one side looking across but for some reason couldn't quite get it. Probably because they were getting edgy so I was hurrying. Kept coming back to this one which wasn't what I was after but I don't mind it, something about the composition with the bikes showing on both sides and with the feet forming a semicircle. My camera won't blur out the background as much as I would like, presumably because of the lens (18-250). Was trying for them in the foreground with the background blurred. Shame about the post.


Julie said...

I quite like the one you have chosen - the background gets more complex in the others.

You sure managed to get a lot of red in this image. I like that.

All their gear appears to be brand-new ...

bitingmidge said...

I like this one too, not as nice as yesterday's, but you can't win them all!

Blurring the background is a function of distance to the subject (closer is better) and aperture (smaller F stop is better).

Try getting closer with a wider angle (18mm) and the lens opened right up (F4 ish)

Good luck!