Friday, March 20, 2009

Ann 62/100 - Wayne

Thought this one had come out a little better than it had. Its a bit out of focus, hadn't got over the nerves yet. Had wanted to get Wayne with the jewellery that he makes but the light was behind him. Then I saw the wall hanging and put him that way instead. Also didn't realise he had his eyes half shut.


Julie said...

This had all the makings, didn't it? Shame you did not quite pull it off. The wall-haning is a ripper. I suppose it would have been too overwhelming to have him full in front of it.

BTW - what is up with Meandering? Having a rest for a while?

Ann said...

Lack of time. Took me all Monday afternoon to sort out this lot of photos and put them up. I need to go through my Adelaide and Womad ones for CDP which I intend to do this weekend.