Monday, March 30, 2009

Ann 72/100 - Jeremy

Another one where the light isn't good and I couldn't get the shot. I'm much better with close ups than with context shots. The Blue Mountains festival wasn't that good for subjects, far too white and middle class. Didn't even bother taking photos on the second day. Its terribly embarrassing when you can't get a decent shot of a photographer.


Julie said...

Interesting that you make that comment: you started off this project as the context-queen!

For mine, you tried to get two contexts here: the photographer, and the market. It ended up looking very busy instead.

Ann said...

I think, when I started, I was too nervous to go in close, now its easy. I'm finding getting the context I want really difficult.

Julie said...

Yes, that is where I was when I started this project. Strange trajectory, isn't it. Getting an appropriate context that still leaves the subject as the focus of the portrait is darned difficult. Later this week I try to take it just that bit further and show part of a body but no head. Let's see how you react - Wednesday I think.