Monday, March 23, 2009

Julie (72/100) - Cousins' Reunion - Peter

Peter was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army who retired to grow avocadoes at Palmwood. Now that is a hamlet that should ring a bell with one of us!

When he laughs - which is often - he does it with his entire body! I am relatively pleased with getting the focus on what I intend and getting the beginning of a blur happening in the f/g and the b/g. The B&W is a disappointment: I did not notice the heaviness of the line of the chair.


Ann said...

Before I read your comment I was thinking that I like the b&w except it would have a lot more impact if he was looking towards the camera, or even sideways but you could see his eyes. Shame about the light flare in the main one (or is that the spots on the lens?).

Julie said...

The flare is the mark on the lens - not able to remove it unfortunately.

The B&Ws that I took and the sepias were all disappointing. One sepia in particular coming up later in the week would have been wonderful in colour.

But I am relatively content with what I managed to achieve during the luncheon re blurring and focussing on the main subject. People just think I am kookie ...