Friday, March 13, 2009

Peter 041 - Ray

OK I'll confess, this bloke isn't a stranger, and it was actually his 60th Birthday party we were at, but since I badly need to "get back on the horse" and I actually cracked a shot I like with this one, it seemed a shame not to use it!

Ray is the consumate barbecue chef, even on his birthday he spent the afternoon peeling green prawns, and the evening cooking them. He's a confirmed pyro-technician though, if he's not spraying aerosol near his barbecue, he's got a bonfire started with half a refinery of petrol.

It wasn't fancy dress. We live at the beach remember, sadly for the rest of the world, these are our "going out" clothes!


Julie said...

I wonder why they are derigeur for the beach. You wouldn't be caught dead in them whilst rabbit-trapping out past Dubbo!

I like the photo. The light on the Ray is wonderful and the flash of the fire is just terrific. i also like the effect of the dark of night and the twinkling lights in the background.

Welcome back ...

Ann said...

I'll say you cracked the shot. The light is terrific. Shame your break was ruined by the cyclone. I've got quite a few but, as yet, have no idea whether they have worked properly. Off to Katoomba today and it looks like storms/rain all weekend - just what you need for a music festival.