Saturday, April 25, 2009

Julie (102) - Howard talking trams

Howard is the Chairman of the Sydney Tramway Museum, a position he has held in this volunteer group since 1989. His interest in trams was sparked as a youngster travelling daily to high-school from Croydon in the inner west to Cleveland Street High School near Central Station. He has spent many hours over the last two years assisting the curators at the Museum of Sydney put together the Shooting Through exhibition. I met Howard twice last week: firstly, at the Historic Houses members night where he gave a most engaging introduction to the exhibit; and, secondly at the first of the three "walks" that have been designed to bring the tramways to life on the ground. This first walk re-traced the tramline from Macquarie Lighthouse down the hill to Watson's Bay. The next walks are in Randwick and then at Balmoral Beach. I have some posts on Sydney Eye about Howard, and there will be more about trams.

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