Friday, April 17, 2009

Julie (94/100) - definitely English madness

Choosing a photography subject early is essential in a group activity like Morris Dancing. Henry was simply too gorgeous to overlook!

However, what to choose for a feature. I am now getting fussy and I like having a feature shot and others to fill in more aspects of the portrait. But the feature is not just to show you the physical appearance of the subject: it must try to show something more. If the double-speed double-step shot had been in focus, that would have been the feature. I considered just the plain profile for a while, then the profile sliced by the dance stick. Finally, I decided to crop another shot and go with that because it showed more of his character.

And the title? After the double-speed, the dance leader calls: This is madness! And his troupe respond, with broad grins and shouted enthusiasm: Yes, but it's English madness.

Great fun ...


Ann said...

I must get down there one day. I think I'd enjoy it. Love the bells on his knees. Agree re the shot choice although I do like theclose up with the blurred stick.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Interesting shot. One that made me smile because I just don't understand morris dancing

Julie said...

Yes, the blurred stick is an interesting photo. Normally we would regard the blurred stick as ruining the image, but in the context of what I have been peddling as portraits it exemplifies Henry to a tee.

MD is to be taken in by the senses not by the intellect. It is all about community and all about tradition - both of which move me to silent tears.