Sunday, April 19, 2009

Julie (96/100) - gloriously singing

Stuart was my first choice from the group of street singers that I had encountered in a couple of locations over the NFF site. He presents a nice conservative, cultured appearance that I did not see too much of during the festival. Mostly people were either country folk or alternates. It also helped that Stuart moved into and out of the rays of the setting sun. He does need to remember to smile as he sings, though.


Ann said...

He does look terribly serious. The light in this one is just great. If you are changing your in camera settings for portraits doesn't that mean you need to change them again when you do anything else? What settings are you changing. I think you've found a menu that I don't even know exists.

bitingmidge said...

Yep, you're starting to nail them!

I hope you're going to start again under an assumed name, I'd hate to have to finish the project without you.

Julie said...

Ann, in your menu you will find a setting called Photo Style. I have set up Standard and today set up Portrait. It will allow you to set for Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation and Colour Tone. The 400D has this too. Then all you have to do is to remember to select either Standard or Portrait (or one of the others you may care to specifically set) depending upon what you are setting. Probably a pain to begin with, but valuable once it becomes second nature.

Pierre, Pierre ... now would I abandon youse? Not on your Nelly! I am simply segueing into what my head says is 100 Oztraiyans. There are a couple queued up already and I am going to wander around on ANZAC Day to the march and to a coupla pubs down The Rocks.