Monday, May 25, 2009

Cara (002 and 003) Claudia and Bill

Here we are in Changi Airport, Singapore. Despite my bull-in-a-china-shop approach, Claudia and Bill from the States were ok with me just blurting out my request for a picture. Must have been the free soothing foot massage they were getting at the time. They were on their way home after a diving holiday in Indonesia... ahhh bliss

So looking at the pictures... I can't believe I didn't notice that the huge lightbox behind them was going to cause problems. Also the graininess of the shots. Inside shots are hard for me to get right. Maybe my ISO number was too high?


Julie said...

Yeehah! Nothing like long-distance posting of something en-route.

I smiled at your lighting-box comment. Bin there; dun that. You are so focussed on the asking and not pissing the subjects off that all that sort of thing simply flies out of your head. It will come back about shot 20.

The grainyness: a combination of high ISO and zooming in. How far toward manual are you using for your indoor shots?

Ann said...

I still forget about the background, and its only now that I'm starting to play with manual settings that I might be able to improve indoor shots. Still trying to work out the damn white balance. I can't think about all that as well as not piss off the subject, it slows me down too much and I feel they are getting annoyed.