Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cara (006) James

South Bank in London has a graffiti art wall where artists can bring down their cans of spray paint and let loose.
It's pretty dark under there and he was moving quickly so I was really moving about. I opted to not have a flash as it takes too long to recharge between pictures and it is a bit harsh. Maybe one of your diffuser gadgets might have been the go here, Julie?


Ann said...

Interesting shot. The light's not too bad in the first one. You can still see his face.

Julie said...

Yes, the light could have been better. However, the photo conveys such a sense of manic commitment and intensity that it nearly doesn't matter.

We have a graffiti tunnel here at uni and it is the devil to photograph them at work - along with the fact that I nearly get asphixiated from the fumes!