Sunday, May 3, 2009

Julie (110) - Raymond the silent sentinel

I had a problem with this image which I have tried to solve laterally. The slouch hat cast a deep shadow over Raymond's face. Already - in camera - I have tried to compensate for this resulting in his uniform being over-exposed. I don't have enough - any - skill with PS/PSE to enable me to increase the colour/contrast of one section of an image only. So, I put a frame around the image to stop the colour "leaching".

Raymond, by the way, is a actor and community member, who takes this role whenever necessary, I guess because of his classic full-blood facial characteristics. He certainly was well-known and well loved. I have included the next image because you really must see his saddle from behind. He led the march and then was stationed at the entrance to Redfern Park to welcome all the marchers into the holy ground.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes, that shadow is a nuisance. I tried working out how to lighten it in my software but didn't get a result I was happy with either. The frame is a good idea to hold it together.

Ann said...

I agree that the frame works well. I haven't got as far as working on selected parts of an image yet. Still working out the best way to do things like levels, sharpen and convert to b&w.

Sarah Lulu said...

I think the shadow hiding his eyes ..
is very dramatic.

Saretta said...

Thank you for your support of my Molfetta Faces series. I will check out the Flickr site. Of course, you can link to me, but I will only be posting portraits on Saturdays, I believe.