Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Julie (112) - Bill surrounded by pals

Bill Moffat was delighted that I wanted to take his photograph. That is what he said although that is not how he seemed. He actually seemed quite exhausted. He remained seated all the while I was within his little area - in the middle of Elizabeth Street just up from the David Jones' windows - which was quite close to Russell Crowther who you met yesterday. And they still had over an hour to wait until their turn came to march. I think he was ready for a kip on the couch. He was immaculately turned out though - lovely blue shirt with nary a fray on the collar.


Julie said...

The skin gets paper-thin, doesn't it?

Ann said...

He looks frail. Even the glasses worked - well done.

Julie said...

Glasses are always a challenge ... dying to find my first pair of coke-bottles and to see what I can do with them if anything!