Thursday, May 21, 2009

Julie (126) - Georg not believing a word of it

Georg was a brave man: deep in listening mode to a rather large woman who towered over him. I quite like his glasses: they are not distoring his eyes but seem to be rather thick. The closest I have come thus far to coke-bottles.


Ann said...

How are you managing to avoid flash reflection on the glasses - diffuser? Turning the flash down?

Julie said...

Nope. Neither of them. No diffuser on this camera because I am using the viewfinder and not the screen and the home-made diffuser obscures the viewfinder. Don't know how to turn the flash down. However, next Sunday (31st) I cant make the photographic excursion to CP as I will be in Mudgee. So next Thursday I am going into the city with my tripod and I am going to spend 2 hours both taking night shots and reading my manual to learn more about this sort of quirky thing.

Ann said...

Did we have any homework from last night? I heard him saying something as the lift door closed. I gather that at CP on Sunday week we are going to play with histograms. I found last night terribly confusing but hopefully it will sink in and start making sense.