Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peter 055 - Janelle

I could talk about how I was going to post a photograph of Janelle at work, feeding the raptors at the Alice Springs Desert Park, presenting them to the assembled audience and captivating them with her sparkling personality, and the birds' understanding of her simple hand movements.

If I did that, I'd post one of my pictures of her hand feeding a great eagle in mid flight and it would be all very spectacular and you'd all love it. The truth is, I didn't want the "context" to detract from the subject this time. I just loved the way her complexion, hair and clothing tone so beautifully with the desert background, and yet her personality seams to beam through it all.

I'm so shallow that sometimes the colour is more important than the story or even the person... bah!


Julie said...

Yep that is the first thing I noticed! I love to see young people like this connecting and doing something they enjoy.

On the 730 Report last night there was an item about the greening of Lake Eyre and how folks are gathering from near and far. They dont reckon it will be like this again in my lifetime.

Go for it ...

Ann said...

The colours are beautiful, makes for a very soft composition.

If you were shallow, she'd be a well built, 18 year old blonde. Putting importance on the colours is art.

altadenahiker said...

Guess I'm the shallow one. I want to see her feed the great eagle.