Saturday, May 30, 2009

Peter 056 - Pru

Pru was too shy to be photographed "unless one of us was in it too", so I did the dirty on her, which explains the rather strange crop. She and her husband own Coward Springs, a railway siding on the old Ghan line, in the middle of nowhere on the Oodnadatta Track.

Apart from completing a masterful restoration (not renovation I hasten to add) of the statiion master's house, and the engine driver's cottage, they have turned the springs into a delightful Oasis, protecting the adjoining wetlands, but retaining the date palms planted by the original Afghan camel drivers.

They've set up a bush camping ground in the midst of it all, with structures created from sleepers and even track from the old line, and in their spare time run seven day camel safaris into the Simpson Desert, which after all, is on their back door.

Check 'em out at

Sorry I can't comment on your pics guys, I'm currently freezing outside the tent at Wilpena, and the connection is dodgy to say the least, but I'm really enjoying all your pics and have read all the comments! I'm loving watching your class discussions too, and of course tracking Cara when I can! Cheers!

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