Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peter 53 - Jol

Jol was a difficult person to photograph as I wasn't sure how to portray him, so I chose this photo of him in his "office".

He is a paraplegic with limited use of his hands as a result of a car accident some years ago. That is where his story gets interesting though. He is an accredited 4WD trainer, arguably one of the best in the country, he leads off road expeditions and is the race director for the world classified off road race, The Finke Desert Race. To add a degree of difficulty to his off-road adventures, he does it all in a conventional ute.

His smile is infectious, his ability legendary so I didn't think there was a need show that his hands are so crippled he drives using a steel spike that inserts into a special slot into the steering wheel, attached to a sort of glove.

He's just one of those inspirational people that make the world a better place to be in.Here's his story.


Julie said...

Oh well chosen. And thoughtfully rendered. This is how to give voice to a person with a handicap: the handicap does not define them.

Power to you, boyo!

The story is an engrossing one ...

Ann said...

You really are meeting some interesting people. I like your car photos.