Monday, May 18, 2009

Peter 54 - Graham

Graham has driven almost every road and track in Australia firstly as a heavy hauler, running road trains from Adelaide to Darwin at an average speed of around 50 kilometres per hour, but for the last twenty years as a tourist bus driver and guide.

He's also written a couple of books, and more importantly has a perfect example of that great Aussie trait:

The lean.


Julie said...

Oh, you ARE getting some treasures, Peter. The outback is full of originals isn't it? It's as though there is not enough air and space in a town or city for them. I do love his ute: they always have utes, blokes like this. With roll bars and 'roo lights.

What amazes me is how clean his ute is ... must be a missus there somewhere ...

Ann said...

Quintessentially Australian. Julie makes a good point about the ute.