Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ann - Alan and Inez

After getting to 100 and feeling pretty confident that I could take a good portrait, I've now gone right back to the start using full manual settings. I feel like I don't know anything and am at the beginning of a whole new learning curve. Part of the problem with these was nerves and forgetting to check the camera settings, but not all. Thank god for photoshop, I found all sorts of interesting things while trying to fix them.


Julie said...

Astounding the difference that it has made to the outcomes.

I am getting better and better at getting it right. Have decided however that I do not like anything at 1600 ISO

bitingmidge said...

Why is that Julie? Is it the grain, or the higher contrast?

I've clicked a couple, and may get used to that, but then I spent a whole day in the bush accidentally photographing in Aperture priority at F4 GAAAAHH!!!

Even trees are making me nervous these days!