Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ann - Mother and Child

I didn't realise the light had done this until later, certainly didn't show in the view finder. No idea what you do about something like this. ISO1600 F4 WB auto.


bitingmidge said...

Is that light or a string or hair in front of the lens?

It's a shame, because it's a beautiful photo.

I'm back for a bit, and desperately trying a) not to spend endless hours in front of a computer

and b) trying to process my pics, finish a photo book I'd started ages ago, update all my websites, visit all those blogs I've neglected for several months, oh and put together a book of the trip!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thankfully the last Sunshine Coast Daily scheduled pic ran today, so I have to get out!

Ann said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see some pics, especially Lake Eyre.

I'm pretty sure its the lighting, the other shot was taken moments before.

Julie said...

Wu-hoo ... welcome back! I bet the two of you are exhausted!

Every one of those jobs is computer related ... Jo must despair at times ... I hope she is a camera-crank as well ...

Where to next? France? When?

bitingmidge said...

Thanks, I have one or two shots on my postcards blog, (sorry if I haven't directed you there before), but I'll have more on flickr later this week.

No exhaustion, just disorientation. Five weeks in a tent was no problem, if we weren't off next month we would have headed further west for another few months! It is nice to be a little warmer when we choose to be though.