Monday, June 15, 2009

Ann - Paul

Trying out the 50mm in the office. ISO1600 F8 1/30 fluro.


Julie said...

Nice looking red-head!

I spent time at Govt House last night and did some experimenting with Shadow, Tungsten and Fluoro. Want to get my head around what I like using and where.

Your 1600 here doesn't look too bad.

Ann said...

Its the lens. With this lens I can hand hold at 1600. I've got some night shots coming up on Meanderings on Thursday (I think) and am printing out some shots to see how they come out - will show you on Thursday. All hand held at night with this lens. Not as good as with a tripod but surprisingly good - on screen at least.

Have a look at my old posts of Terry and Jim the dog man and see the difference converting back to sRGB makes. Spent most of the weekend converting everything back to sRGB.