Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cara (019) Ivano the lodger

I met Ivano in my cousin's garden in Islington, North London. He's from Italy and is a great laugh. I'm glad it's mostly in focus because by that stage I'd had a few glasses of vino!


Julie said...

Check the metrics on the image, Cara. What have you changed since the photos of the chaps on Crete. The WB here is more pleasing to my eye. This is a remarkably good portrait.

Ann said...

I like the colour in this one too, some of the others were a bit dark. Good natural portrait.

bitingmidge said...

Perhaps I'll have to stop saying things like "I really like this shot" because it sounds as though I've got nothing better to say.


I haven't, although I do look forward to having a play in some of that European/British light. This is not meant to be a back-hander, but I think it is more forgiving, and isn't it nice to see people without sunglasses on!