Friday, June 12, 2009

Julie (142) - Ruth

Ruth was the quiet achiever of the group. She did not organise, she did not speak much. She moved position when required/told. She was the more anxious about making mistakes - which she did every so often.

Look at the concentration. But also in the first image, look at the facial lines that hint at pleasure. These three got a lot out of this. This is what aging is all about - being a branch on a tree. Keeping involved. Doing things that cause the neural pathways to fire.


Ann said...

These are beautiful. Tripod or hand held?

Julie said...

All hand held.

Wait till you see the full triplets: sideways, hands, and from the rear. You will weep tears of joy.

I love photographing aged bodies: I think that love comes out in what I capture! And what they will let me do ...