Monday, July 20, 2009

Ann - Rocks Market 1 (Alex)

1/50, F4

Left 1/50, F4 - Right 1/50 F5.6

I think the main mistake I made with this series was to forget that the ISO was on 100, which was fine for sunlight but most of the market shots were in shade. I was adjusting the aperture which was slowing the speed too much. If I opened the aperture up it was letting in too much light. In hindsight I think I should have tried ISO 200 or maybe even 400 for some. The other problem I had with this series was focus. I think I should have set it to the centre focus point rather than using all the points. A lot of the shots are good compositionally and not too badly exposed but the focus is not where I wanted it to be. Still, it was an interesting exercise using a fixed focal length lens.


Julie said...

From that, can I take it that you were on Aperture Priority?

Ann said...

No, full manual but making the choice based on aperture.

bitingmidge said...

I'm contemplating sticking the ISO on auto for a time to see what happens.

I did that when the camera was new, but didn't like it. On another note managed to get sixty shots for the Daily yesterday, which was a fairly big effort I think!

Now blogger thinks I'm a spammer and I have to verify each post I make! Bugger, I'm still a fortnight short in my scheduling but heck I've got two days!

Then I can start on people again!

Ann said...

Can you set the ISO on auto and still use manual everything else? Don't recall seeing it on my camera unless I use one of the auto settings (P, portrait etc).

bitingmidge said...

Good point. I mostly use P and override it as necessary, or Av

Lately even when I've needed faster shutter speeds I've kept to P and wound the dial up a bit.