Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ann - Rocks Market 4

I quite like this one, she's in focus and not too dark. Whta I didn't realise was the other girls' hair has either blown out or is reflecting light. Still, I don't mind it, its pretty much what I was trying to get. F8, 1/125


Julie said...

This is, again, the significant problem that I had with the guitarist at the Pyrmont Markets earlier in July. It becomes less of a portrait and more of a context shot, doesn't it. I am sure there is a professional way of coping with these extremes of light. I would like to read more about it.

Ann said...

They are looking a lot darker on screen now than they did at home. Its called environmental portraiture.

Julie said...

Strange, I am never sure how my posts will look once up either. The preview is okay but not totally. That is why I put mine to post at 6am ... so that I can adjust if necessary.

Environmental portraiture ... I like that!