Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cara (025) Ina and (026) Mary

I chose to take my picture of both of them because that was what originally made me ask; they matched so well and were so inviting in their Information uniforms!
So as I was saying, I asked them to turn around and face into the sun. I am almost prepared to forego decent eye shots in favour of this bright light. It gives everything such a crisp colour and outline, foreground and background. Next time, though, I will go with the fill flash and the light from behind.


bitingmidge said...

Ha! I see what you mean!

I'd forego the eye shots for the shadow too, I'd tend to keep them facing that way and use the flash.

(That might be why I'm not too good at this photographing people in the sun lark.)

I love the complimentary tones in their shirts, makes me wonder whose mum's got a Whirlpool.

Ann said...

I find this type of shot a real problem, the shadows are never in the right place, the sun or the flash reflects off glasses (although Julie seems to have cracked this one) and apart from that everyone squints. The colours work really well. Maybe you could have gone for a slightly longer shot and shown a bit more of the uniform possibly taking the emphasis off the shadows on the face.