Friday, July 17, 2009

Julie (159) - Jonno putting the counter argument

Jonno was sitting on the same piano stool that Jess had been tinkling from earlier. However, he was facing the other way and the light from the window was falling just right.

The stats: F5.6, 1/100, ISO=1600, 187mm

So, I had tonnes of light coming in which meant I could speed up the shutter.


Julie said...

I think I finally got one in this series shot correctly!

Bloody depressing ... I will try Tv setting over this coming weekend.

Dog-witn-bone ... dog-with-bone ...

cara said...

Gorgeous! The lighting is perfect - light enough to illumintate but rich enough to allow texture. Nice framing too. Congratulations! Must look up Tv I've never tried that one.

bitingmidge said...

Don't be depressed, just keep doing whatever it was you did for this one!

Too Easy!

Five days nineteen minutes till we lock ourselves in the Swine Flue incubator, at least it's already in the UK, so we can't be accused of taking it there.

Ann said...

Yes, this one definitely worked except 1600 has given you a lot of noise. I know I keep saying it but if you are going to take this kind of photo a lot think about getting a fast lens that you can hand hold in low light. It will make the world of difference.

Julie said...

Actually when I look at this shot enlarged, there is not much noise in the shot at all. Not as much as I would have thought using the 1600 ISO.