Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peter 061 - Patrice

Patrice is the Capitain of the Port of Briare.

He was quiet keen to rub in the fact that his Capitainerie had actually been built a few hundred years before our country had actually been discovered by Europeans.

Nice bloke! (and that's probably the worst thing one can say about a Frenchman!)


Julie said...

That is the engrossing thing about Europe for an Antipodean: the age. This chap looks quite delicious to these old eyes. Not often one can appreciate a down pipe. Shame it is plastic ...

Good to have you back in the mix.

Joan Elizabeth said...

What fascinates me is how just the smallest things communicate that P is in another land right now. The man looks like a Frenchman.

Julie said...

I think I know what you mean: although the context is hard to discount. He has that up-front attitude, but also the weatherbeaten insouciance of someone who knows he is attractive, as a character not sexually.

The light in this photo is just so different from our light out here: clearer and yet bleaker, if that is possible.

Ann said...

Definitely looks European, though I couldn't have picked him as French just from his look.

cara said...

There is more light in the shade... more to see, less glare. I had this sort of light a lot in Greece.

Great to see you getting back into it, Peter. I must try and find some time to do the same.

bitingmidge said...

Definitely smoother light, if that's the word.

Gentler perhaps?

Arty farty? Hmmm, I'll tell Patrice! Only 39 to go, perhaps I'll be through by Christmas, I doubt that I'll beat Julie to 200!

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