Monday, August 31, 2009

Cara (035) Steve

"My wife and I were happy for 40 years," Steve told me "then we met". He and his friend and busking partner exchanged a comedy cocked eyebrow and carried on deadpan like it was a practiced routine. They allowed me to keep them talking when they should have been earning money for the fantastic music. I was granted a request - some bluegrass - and it was really lovely.


Julie said...

I reallly like this portrait, Cara. I like its size and its squareness too.

But mostly I like it because it has given me an idea. I was going to stop at 200 Strangers but have decided to continue on with some b&w Strangers. I will also go back to having total strangers who I have to go through the palaver with.

Ann said...

I like it but part of me wants to see more. Love the hand movement.

cara said...

I've decided I quite like the crop but it was born out of necessity. Steve's friend didn't want to have his photo published and some of the original picture has him in it.
It feels a bit odd doing a square.