Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cara (033) Filip from the Cuban Cigar Cafe Place

I commited a faux-pas. I was framing up the outside of the cafe for the Daily Photo blog and Filip, the owner came out and politely but firmly informed me it was bad manners to not ask.
Anyway... here we are 5 minutes later, all permissions granted, having a coffee and a chat. He sparks up this gigantic cigar and smokes it with real appreciation in his eyes.


Ann said...

Wonderful,absolutely wonderful.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This is a terrific shot Cara. You seem to have a nack for finding interesting people and getting them at their best.

Julie said...

I agree: a knockout shot!

I have spent the last 6 months trying to find an old chinese man with smoke coming out his mouth and a wizened fag between his fingers.

This shows so much character ... what does it look like in b&w and why did you not experiment like you have with others. Did it lose something?

Luis Gomez said...

Great image! Love this shot.

Ian Stewart said...

It is a great picture. it shows the enjoyment one gets while smoking a cigar.Just refreshing. Yes it is bad not to ask for permission. But if you know how to talk then everything is possible.I guess this is a Cuban cigar.I buy my cigars from online Cigar Shop.